Available Names

The following exact match domains are available as of the time of this post for hand registration and can be registered with any registrar.  All have Valuate.com appraisals of over $500 and are suitable for development or resale.


1. NappyChangingBag.comValuate appraisal of $1400. Product examples.  Notes:  Would be a great candidate to list on BargainDomains.  As you can see in the above graphic, since it meets their requirements ($1000+ appraisal with sufficient search volume, the ‘Sell It’ button will let you immediately list it there.

2. CeramicBracelet.comValuate appraisal of $960. Here are some product examples and a list of  manufacturers.

3. WirelessComputer.usValuate appraisal of $730.  1900 Google searches per month at $3.21 per click.

Auction Picks

I also wanted to include a few interesting auctions  I came across this morning..

1. DoubleBeds.com (Godaddy Auctions) – Valuate.com appraisal of $60,000 – current bid of $501.   This phrase receives over 14,000 monthly searches on Google with an average CPC of $1.59.

2. WallRacks.com (Godaddy Auctions) – Valuate appraisal of $6,000 – current bid of $15.  This phrase receives over 18,000 monthly searches on Google with an average CPC of $2.27.

That’s it for today. If you are interested in receiving future available domains…

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  • Since many names I post receive simultaneous registrations, you may want to use a fast registrar and have your billing information pre-programmed. Or use a program like Roboform to fill in your information.

Also, if you’d like to see some of my favorite domaining tools, checkout my new DomainingMindmap site.

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Just added Drop.com.au to my domaining mindmap after reading today’s post by OzDomainer . This is a domain space I’ve largely overlooked, so I thought I would spend a few minutes to see if I’m missing out on a lucrative market segment.

I started by looking at some of the recent .au sales listed on Drop.com.au

carparts.com.au $18,011
printing.com.au $9,221
motorhomes.com.au $5,556
currencytrading.com.au $5,205
livemusic.com.au $4,501
financialadvisor.com.au $3,889
audiobooks.com.au $3,501
motorsport.com.au $2,531
windturbines.com.au $2,001

I’m not too familiar with .au pricing, so I ran the list through valuate.com and came up with the following…


Next, I wanted to see more aftermarket sales, so I used a few of the  historical pricing resources from my mindmap.


I started with one of my favorite resources, NameBio.com which I use frequently for .com valuations,  however it only contained the following 4 .au sales….


It’s always good to try a few different tools, so next I used DomainTools historical pricing tool which located the following high dollar sales…



Based on my quick research, it looks like there are some  interesting  opportunities in the .au namespace.    If you’d like to get involved,  Drop.com.au offers drop catching memberships for a one time fee of $250.00 AUD with a no-catch no-pay guarantee.  They also offer an aftermarket auction membership for $9.95 AUD.

I also came across DNTrade.com.au, a domaining forum dedicated to the .au namespace.

As with any namespace, before making significant purchases, you may want to investigate development potential including current search demand and CPC for .au businesses as well as possible monetization options (as they are likely to differ from US based businesses due to shipping concerns and other factors).

Finding additional domain tools

If you are interested in seeing some of the other tools I use to find, develop and monetize domains you can explore my Domaining Mindmap here.

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Snapnames showcase auction ends tomorrow at 3:15PM EST. There are currently 24 domains with bids, but as usual expect most of the heavy bidding to occur in the last hour. There have already been several good posts about tomorrow’s auction (TheDomains,TeenDomainer), so I thought I would take a different approach and sort the dataset I analyzed using Valuate.com/Estibot.

9 Domains with PageRank 3 or Higher*

  • DomainStats.com – PR6
  • Marshall.com – PR5
  • Coast.net – PR5
  • HomeSchooling.com – PR4
  • Joker.org – PR
  • APW.com – PR4
  • MYBP – PR3
  • Jacob.com – PR3
  • HFC.net – PR3

* Using PageRank data from Estibot.   If bidding, be sure to doublecheck to make sure PR is genuine.  Also wanted to note I’m receiving Google security messages for the first two domains mentioned.

Domains with bids lower than their Valuate.com appraisals

  • woodshutters.com 10,000  current bid 63,000 valuate appraisal
  • swf.net    2800    12000
  • weak.net    2100    5400
  • ppc.info    1271    3500
  • 3x.org    1000    6100
  • t4.org    1000    1600
  • ilovenyc.com    775    920
  • redlips.com    625    6500
  • ticketplus.com    380    1300
  • crispyduck.com    350    1900
  • forextradingtool.com    325    23000
  • cuteboy.com    325    7800
  • badloans.org    325    1800
  • hotjobs.in    300    3000
  • advise.in    240    3000

No reserve domains with Valuate appraisals of $1000 or greater

Domain Valuate appraisal
shortsleeveshirts.com 28000
forextradingtool.com 23000
associatesdegree.co.uk 18000
flannelshirts.co.uk 7700
stretchmarkremoval.co.uk 7200
exerciseplans.com 7000
samedayloan.net 6900
movethis.com 5200
onlinemastersdegrees.net 4000
kingbeds.net 3000
selftanner.co.uk 2500
49r.net 2300
l50.net 2200
clinch.org 2000
crispyduck.com 1900
smallrug.com 1900
badloans.org 1800
electricbicycles.de 1800
londonrentalcar.co.uk 1800
dchr.com 1600
dieselfuelfilter.com 1600
motorcyclefinancing.org 1400
nylimoservice.com 1400
tennisshops.com 1400
ticketplus.com 1300
dmox.com 1300
straplessgowns.com 1300
40yearloans.com 1200
freshwaterpearlbracelet.com 1200
nvoc.com 1200
foldupbeds.com 1100
athleticwalkingshoes.com 1000
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If you are using Google’s keyword tool to check keyword demand, remember that by default it checks the previous month.     Since demand for many items spikes in December, using this tool in January can provide greatly inflated results.


For example, I was just checking availability for ‘chocolate gift tower’.   Google’s keyword tool showed 720 monthly searches in December.   However, expanding these results by selecting ’show all columns’ reveals that the term gets about half that amount of searches on most month’s of the year.


I decided to purchase ChocolateGiftTower.com anyway, but now realize that demand for this product won’t really begin to ramp up until the second  half of the year.

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I’ve been working on a few new projects (which I hope to blog about shortly), but since it’s been a while I wanted to post a short pre-screened list of available exact match domains with search demand.   I’ve used Valuate.com to quickly summarize demand and CPC and have linked to product examples where possible.

All are available as of 3:45PM this afternoon.


Product examples:

Domain notes:

  • The .net version of OnlineDistanceMBA.com is a live site (lead generation).
  • BusinessPhones.us is available (even though Valuate.com says all extensions taken)
  • One of the .com domains listed above has a  developed site using an IDN (co.nz)

Additional Names for Sale:  I’m also offering the following names today via Sedo.

  • CheapMobileContracts.com –  now in Sedo auction here (ends 1/21).   Multiple extensions registered with Cheap-Mobile-Contracts.com a fully developed site.  Very low reserve considering CheapMobileBroadband.com sold for $4,900.
  • TeterboroNJ.com – exact match GEO name for Teterboro, NJ.  Valuate.com appraisal $890, Estibot $12,000
  • SecureSSLCertificate.com – $6.83 CPC.  Good for minisite or review site.  Many targeted affiliate programs (Netsol, Geotrust, GoDaddy)

That’s it for today. Most names posted go within minutes. If you are interested in receiving future available domains…

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  • Since many names I post receive simultaneous registrations, you may want to use a fast registrar and have your billing information pre-programmed. Or use a program like Roboform to fill in your information.

As always,  any feedback / comments  appreciated.

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Just got around to taking a look at Rick Latona’s new auction platform, Latonas.com and like what I see.   Here’s what I think he is doing right…

1. I can see important domains stats like cost per click (CPC), exact Google searches at a glance for each listing.

This is a big time saver.   If I’m considering bidding on a keyword name, the first thing I do is run it through Google’s keyword tool to see search demand and CPC.   Thanks Rick for saving me some time.  Hopefully, this will encourage better quality listings and bring back some frustrated buyers – no more researching  hundreds of names only to find out that 95% of them have no real demand.

2. Listings and descriptions can be easily scanned from the main auction page. Much nicer than hoverable popovers or small description links that most buyers never click.   It’s always surprised me how many auction platforms bury descriptions a level or two deep and make it hard for sellers to highlight the benefits of their domain and buyers to learn about each domain.


3. Descriptions seem to be more metric based and less ‘fluff’. Don’t know if this is a result of system programming or good human editing, but many of the domain descriptions are actually helpful  (e.g. number of incoming links and pages indexed by Google).  I know these factors can change quickly when a name changes hands, but they can contribute to the value of a name and are good to be aware of.

4. Nice look at feel, including a custom graphic for each name. If a name is worth hundreds or thousands of dollars, it’s probably worth having a graphic artist spend a few minutes making up a good graphic for it.   The only place I have seen this before is at DotSauce’s AQDN.com. It’s nice to see a major auction platform include this and is a very nice touch.


I know the site is still in beta mode, but here are a couple of features I hope they consider adding down the road…

  • Simplified view – I like the detailed info, but some might find it useful to have an option for quick summary view.   Ideally, it would be nice to be able to cut and paste all domains listed on a page to quickly plug them into other services like Valuate.com.
  • Ability to export – The ability to export auction data to .csv or excel format might be helpful for some advanced domainers who have their own tracking systems.
  • Advanced search capability – As a big keyword domainer, I would love to have the ability to search for specific demand/CPC/etc.   E.g. list all .com domains with a CPC over $2 and more than 5,000 exact searches per month.

I think it makes good sense to test the platform out with a lower volume charity auction and wish Rick and Whypark the best of luck in this week’s auction.   If you are interested in trying out the system or bidding in the auction you can follow this link.

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Earlier today, I blogged about using Francois’ Valuate.com service to analyze 15 available domains.

Here is an overview of the results…

  • The appraisals varied from $110 – $680
  • Total appraisal for all 15 names was $4,210
  • Highest CPC was $11.50

I listed 7 of the names in my first post – all have since been registered.    Here is the complete list (including the 8 additional names which were obscured in my original post).   The 8 additional names are all available as of 10:30PM tonight.


If you’re interested in receiving future available domain lists, here’s the link to sign up to my free domain update newsletter.

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I came across some available exact match .com names today and thought it would be interesting to run them through Francois’ new Valuate.com service.

Here is an overview of the results…

  • The appraisals varied from $110 – $680
  • Total appraisal for all 15 names was $4,210
  • Highest CPC was $11.50

All names are currently available for registration as of the time of this post.   Here is a screenshot listing 7 of the domains:

If you would like  to see an advance copy of the 8 additional domains (obscured above), signup for my free e-mail newsletter here.   I’ll be sending out part two of this post to my subscribers before publishing it.

In the meantime, you might want to check out my latest site – DomainingMindmap.com,  my personal mindmap containing the domaining tools I use to find, develop and sell domains.

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Wanted to pass along the following  exact match .com keyword domains which are currently available for hand registration (as of 3:00 PM).  All have good search demand with numerous Adwords advertisers. Average cost per click ranges from $2.14 to $26.

1. ThermalPhotoPrinters.com:    (390/2900 searches per month, $8.31 CPC)


2. DoubleDVDCases.com (880/3600 searches per month, $2.14 CPC)


3. RAIDDataRecoveryService.com:    (260 exact monthly searches, $26.32 CPC )

Search demand is a little less than what I usually look for, but the high $26.32 CPC should more than make up for this.   Data recovery domains tend to do especially well with parking and Adsense.  In case you aren’t a techie, RAID stands for a redundant array of disks.  RAID setups are typically used by larger organizations to protect mission critical data.  When these arrays fail, companies often pay thousands of dollars to salvage the data – hence the very high CPC.


That’s it for today. Most names posted go within minutes. If you are interested in receiving future available minisite domains…

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  • Follow me at @DomainTweeter.
  • Since many names I post receive simultaneous registrations, you may want to use a fast registrar and have your billing information pre-programmed. Or use a program like Roboform to fill in your information.

As always, any feedback / comments  appreciated.

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domaining mindmap screenshot

If you are interested in what domaining tools I use to buy, sell and monetize domain names, I’ve decided to open up my private domaining mindmap to the domainer community and have just launched a new site called DomainingMindmap.com.

In case you haven’t used a mindmap before, it’s an organized brain dump about a subject.   A good mindmap can be invaluable when trying to master a body of knowledge.   I created DomainingMindmap by reviewing my past 15 years of domaining bookmarks and notes and add to it on a daily basis as I discover new tools. My mindmap currently has 512 topics with notes and annotated links to hundreds of tools including…

  • Domain Research – Keyword research, link popularity, traffic, domain pricing, geo tools, site history, business research and trademark tools.
  • Minisite Development and Domain Monetization – Domain parking, mini site development services, graphic designers, copyrighting and content authors.
  • Registering new domains – Domain suggestion and generation tools, bulk check tools and domainer friendly registrars.
  • Catching expired names – Understanding the drop process, determining which names are dropping, and determining the best way to backorder names.
  • Buying and selling domains – Recommended marketplaces, domain brokers,appraisal services and tools to find end users.
  • Domaining blogs, news, forums and guides as well as Twitter domaining tools.
  • Domain conference information, accounting, financing and domain management tools.

I’ve tried to structure the mindmap so that it can be easily browsed and hope it will be helpful to new domainers as well as seasoned pros. It’s currently in beta mode, so any feedback or suggestions are much appreciated!



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