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Domaining Mindmap

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If you are interested in what domaining tools I use to buy, sell and monetize domain names, I’ve decided to open up my private domaining mindmap to the domainer community and have just launched a new site called

In case you haven’t used a mindmap before, it’s an organized brain dump about a subject. A good mindmap can be invaluable when trying to master a body of knowledge. I created DomainingMindmap by reviewing my past 15 years of domaining bookmarks and notes and add to it on a daily basis as I discover new tools. My mindmap currently has 512 topics with notes and annotated links to hundreds of tools including…

  • Domain Research – Keyword research, link popularity, traffic, domain pricing, geo tools, site history, business research and trademark tools.
  • Minisite Development and Domain Monetization – Domain parking, mini site development services, graphic designers, copyrighting and content authors.
  • Registering new domains – Domain suggestion and generation tools, bulk check tools and domainer friendly registrars.
  • Catching expired names – Understanding the drop process, determining which names are dropping, and determining the best way to backorder names.
  • Buying and selling domains – Recommended marketplaces, domain brokers,appraisal services and tools to find end users.
  • Domaining blogs, news, forums and guides as well as Twitter domaining tools.
  • Domain conference information, accounting, financing and domain management tools.

I’ve tried to structure the mindmap so that it can be easily browsed and hope it will be helpful to new domainers as well as seasoned pros. It’s currently in beta mode, so any feedback or suggestions are much appreciated!



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