Available .coms with search demand, including one with $26 CPC.

Wanted to pass along the following  exact match .com keyword domains which are currently available for hand registration (as of 3:00 PM).  All have good search demand with numerous Adwords advertisers. Average cost per click ranges from $2.14 to $26.

1. ThermalPhotoPrinters.com:    (390/2900 searches per month, $8.31 CPC)


2. DoubleDVDCases.com (880/3600 searches per month, $2.14 CPC)


3. RAIDDataRecoveryService.com:    (260 exact monthly searches, $26.32 CPC )

Search demand is a little less than what I usually look for, but the high $26.32 CPC should more than make up for this.   Data recovery domains tend to do especially well with parking and Adsense.  In case you aren’t a techie, RAID stands for a redundant array of disks.  RAID setups are typically used by larger organizations to protect mission critical data.  When these arrays fail, companies often pay thousands of dollars to salvage the data – hence the very high CPC.


That’s it for today. Most names posted go within minutes. If you are interested in receiving future available minisite domains…

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  • Since many names I post receive simultaneous registrations, you may want to use a fast registrar and have your billing information pre-programmed. Or use a program like Roboform to fill in your information.

As always, any feedback / comments  appreciated.


  1. Looks like all 3 names were registered within first 3 minutes. I’ll try to post some additional bonus names here within the hour.

  2. The RAID domain was a great find. Thanks for the posts

  3. The thermal, double, and service words in each domain kills each domain.

    Descriptive or additional words destroy reach usually.

    I would bet dollars to donuts it’s a ghost town at each of those domains as far as direct navigation traffic goes.

    Chirp, chirp! :)

  4. Thanks AvailableDomains, Shane – glad you found the names useful!

  5. @ill Thanks for your comments – I agree that unnecessary descriptive keywords dilute a domain’s value, but I differentiate between micro-niche keywords and extraneous keywords. Based on search metrics, I’d rather own ‘DVDCases.com’, but ‘DoubleDVDCases.com’ describes a specific sub-set of cases and has good exact search demand – so people are looking for this exact product. As opposed to names like ‘BestDvdCases.com’,'CoolDvdCases.com’ which I agree are probably not worth reg fee.

    I think ‘ThermalPhotoPrinters.com’ is a solid name since it has some exact demand and the ‘thermal’ keyword describes a specific type of photo printer. I probably agree with you the most about the last one (containing service), however the high CPC made up for the lower search demand.

  6. Bonus available domain: In case you missed today’s batch, here is a bonus names which is currently available as of 5:00PM tonight:

    DownloadableRingtones.net – 1900 searches / month, $1.82 CPC
    (com,org,info,uk,cn versions already registered)

  7. I can’t thank you enough for the post. Registered recoveryraid5.com and although it doesn’t have that many searches, I will be able to pay for my $8 register very very easily. Thanks for the ideas

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