Wanted to pass along a 80% discount for possible new Google keyword tool replacement software

November 11, 2013

I’ve been checking out a lot of tools since the demise of Google’s Keyword Tool.    Some good, some bad.  I just learned about a new software based tool being released this week called Keyword Demon.  Since I’m a member of JVZOO, I received a pre-launch notice that it’s being offering with a 80% Early Bird Discount via this page.

Looking at the sales page, it looks like the product is going to sell for $77, but is available until 11PM tonight for $17.   One warning, the sales page is in typical IM format – lots of hype, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see multiple upsells on the back end (a la GoDaddy), but the screen shots of the tool look impressive…


This PC based software is being marketing as a professional keyword generation tool and uses most of the important metrics (CPC, exact match searches, competition, commercial value).  It also looks to have some boolean keyword filtering options (e.g. keywords containing word ‘business’ but excluding ‘card’) as well.

From the sales page, it’s not clear what the source of the keywords is (Google, Bing, Amazon, 3rd party API, etc.) There are also a number of typos on the product page and the price looks very low for this type of product.    This is most likely due to the software creators being non-US based and trying to build up a new following – pretty typical for most products listed on JVZOO.  I did notice that the product is currently today’s best selling product on JVZOO’s market place, with over 250 copies sold today.

This is probably the first time I’ve  posted about a product I didn’t try out myself (it’s PC based and I’ve been Mac only for the past few years and hate running slow PC programs in emulation mode.  If you do try it out, I’d love to hear if it is worth firing up one of my old PCs for!

Disclosure Statement:   As always, when available I do include affiliate links in my posts.



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