Experiment: Using Twitter to promote a Sedo auction: HELOCLoans.net

Note: I’m listing this domain as part of an experiment testing the effectiveness of using Twitter to promote a Sedo domain auction. As thanks for everyone’s help, I’ll pick a random commenter who tweets about it and paypal them 5% of the final sales price.

If you would like to help spread the word, please use this link to send a tweet, then post a comment with your Twitter ID. Also be sure to follow me so we can communicate by DM. I’ll monitor this page for comments and will update it with the results of my experiment. Thanks for your help!

HELOCLoans.net: Min. bid $60
Currently at 7 day auction on Sedo.

Overview: HELOC Loans (short for Home Equity Line of Credit Loans) are one of the most heavily searched financial terms on the Internet. Google’s sktool shows an estimated 1000 monthly searches with an average cost per click (CPC) of $7.27.

Due to it’s high demand and CPC, this domain is ideal for a mini site or end user resale to a bank. Google shows 249,000 results for ‘heloc loans’ and all of the top 5 domain extensions have been reserved for this competitive keyword.




Please click here to view this listing on Sedo.

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