Handpicked available keyword domains and my $1 reserve affiliate software experiment.

June 18, 2010

Just got back from some time off and plan on blogging on a more regular basis. Here’s a list of names which are available for hand registration at the time of this post. All are exact match keyword names,  many with good demand and cost per click (CPC). They can be used for parking, turn key e-commerce sites, development or end user resale.

If you are new to domaining or don’t have the cash flow to pay $xxx+ for premium names, these types of names can be a great start. Don’t expect to make hundreds on parking or flip for $xxxx, however with a little development these types of names can earn 10-50 times their reg fee on a yearly basis and sometimes be sold for $xxx to low $xxxx to the right end user. Not bad for a $8 upfront cost.

Here’s today’s list of available names….

1. 3GDataCards.com – $13.14 CPC – Might be good for a Adsense driven minisite

2. AutomaticPlantWateringSystem.com – 1000 exact match searches a month, $1.16 CPC.  Good for free Smartname site as Shopping.com (their Feed network) has some good matches for this product.

3. LasVegasRVParks.com – low CPC, but 1600 exact match searches a month.   Might be good for a directory site using software like this.   Get a few incoming links, provide free listings, them charge a small yearly fee (e.g. $100) to be featured at the top.

4. FootballKickingCamps.com – 590 exact monthly searches.  Another good candidate for a directory.   Here is a list of football camps specializing in kicking.

5. WealthManagers.us – The terms ‘wealth manager’ and ‘wealth managers’ receive over 1,800 monthly searches on Google with an average CPC of about $8.

Trying something new today:  $1 Reserve Auction for AffiliateSoftware.us

If these are not to your liking or have already been registered by the time you read this, I’m offering AffiliateSoftware.us at $1 reserve as an experiment.  To make things interesting, I’m including a partial list of end users and my thoughts for possible development.

Auction Details

This is a no-reserve auction ($1 reserve price) being run by Snapnames.    I chose Snapnames for this auction because they allow $1 reserves (unlike Sedo) and they quickly and automatically transfer ownership of the name to the buyer since they are affiliated with Moniker.com.

Auction is set to end on Monday, June 21st.  You can check the current bid or submit a bid here.

Why I like it…

The phrase ‘affiliate software’ receives 9,900/4,400 (global,local) monthly searches on Google with an average cost per click of $4.48. Affiliate software typically sells for several hundred to several thousand dollars.  Although there are a number of third party services which can manage a company’s affiliate program, more and more businesses are deciding to manage their affiliate programs in house.   To do this, they need….  You guessed it, affiliate software.

Development possibilities

AffiliateSoftware.us can be developed into a blog or affiliate software review site (similar to this one).  The $4.48 CPC makes it a good candidate for Adsense, but the best way to monetize will probably be via affiliate revenue itself (as many of the affiliate software companies offer affiliate programs) as 8-10% of a several hundred dollar sale can add up.

End user prospects

This is a great category .us domain and can be easily marketed to end users, many of which are already paying almost $5 a click to advertise on Google Adwords.   Points to  stress are the SEO and Adwords benefits of an exact match domain and well as the ability to set themselves apart from competitors.

Here is a sampling of companies offering affiliate software.   Most of them are advertising on Adwords for the phrase ‘affiliate software’ and are already paying in excess of $4 a click to put their product in front of businesses searching for affiliate software.     Whether you are interesting in building a paid directory, setting up a Adsense type mini-site or selling this name to and end user, these businesses would be a pretty good place to start…

Additional end users targeting this phrase can also be found via this search.

AffiliateSoftware.us $1 reserve auction link: http://www.bit.ly/affiliatesoftwareus

That’s it for today. If you are interested in receiving future available domains, you can subscribe to my free domain newsletter here .

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tricolorro 06.19.10 at 1:41 pm

Thanks for the list. I received it by email and saw it almost immediately.

I could have regged all of the domains but I am not greedy and just took:


I think your suggestion to use it for a Smartname site is right on.

Now I just have to apply there.

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