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June 2, 2009

Just came across a number of newly available and geodomains. I compiled the following list including names whose keywords receive good search volume/CPC.   I also included several with lesser volume that have other extensions registered and resolving to live sites.

If you are interested in geodomains, but don’t have the $x,xxx+ to purchase a good or you might want to check these out.   All are available for hand registration as of 12:15 EST today.

1. (originally registered in 2002)

3600 monthly Google searches for ‘elmhurst new york’ with an est. CPC of $1.38.
(Neighborhood) Population: 151,252
Wikipedia entry:,_Queens,_New_York

2. (originally registered in 2002)

3600 Google searches for ‘woodside new york’ with an estimated CPC of $1.92
(Neighborhood) Population: 88,339
Wikipedia entry:,_Queens


1300 Google searches for ‘capitol hill washington dc’ with an est. CPC of $1.64
Wikipedia entry:


.net and .org versions already registered.
Wikipedia entry:,_Texas


.net version registered and resolves to live site
Wikipedia entry:,_Baltimore


.info version registered and resolves to a live site
480 Google searches for ‘druid hills atlanta’  with an estimated CPC of $2.02
Wikipedia entry:,_Georgia

That’s it for today. If you are interested in receiving future available minisite domains…

  • Subscribe here to receive advance e-mail notification of available names.
  • Follow me at @DomainTweeter.
  • Since many names I post receive simultaneous registrations, you may want to use a fast registrar and have your billing information pre-programmed. Or use a program like Roboform to fill in your information.

Update: I’m going to try varying my posting schedule for the next few weeks. Some days I may not post a domain, other days I’ll try to highlight a few different names and do a more detailed writeup of possible minisite concepts or end user sales possibilities.

I’m also going to start emailing some names exclusively to my mailing list subscribers and tweeting others just for my Twitter followers.

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admin 06.02.09 at 8:44 am

Update:,, have been registered.

admin 06.02.09 at 8:45 am

All 6 domains registered in less than 5 minutes.

Erik Zubkov 06.02.09 at 9:31 am

bottom line-

you are helping seriously line the pockets of 3 or 4 people everyday – the only problem is its the same 3 or 4 people.

if i didnt have a job and i just sat and waited for email to go “ding” while i sat there with my namecheap, dynadot, godaddy accounts, etc open i could just do a quick copy and paste and get half of your domain tweets to become my domains within 10 seconds of getting the tweet.

this leaves every single other person who would like to benefit from this a second passive income out in the cold. while you are doing a great unselfish thing by not taking these domains for yourself, lets not kid each other. the other day i just so happened to be sitting there typing an email when your tweet came in. i immediately went to register it and it was available through godaddy but because i was using a newly created account i had to actually type in the cc info… just the numbers and exp date – thats it and then i checked out. i was notified that i got the domain… 2 days kater GD told me i didnt get the domain and they were sorry – bottom line is that i was on it in under a minute flat and still didnt get the domain. so there should be one or 2 people who have you on their xmas list thats for sure because you are putting 1000’s of dollars in their pockets this year.

solution: why dont you stagger the email or tweet so it gets dispersed randomly to different batches every 10 minutes or so so these greedy little piggies can jump on their domain only to find out that it was already purchased a half hour earlier. and of course they will still get a few as the randomization works itself out but this way we all have a shot instead of guaranteeing that none of us even have a shot. i have made up my mind that i wont bother with your tweets because there is no way that those domains will be available by the time i try to get them or even one of them.

so please fix this. it isnt fair. it defeats your whole purpose. what about older folks who just dont move as fast – they wouldnt have a chance even if they were on godaddy before anyone else – now thats just plain assinine.


erik z.

admin 06.02.09 at 10:35 am

Hi Erik. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. I know how frustrating it can be to just miss a good domain – it happens to me more often than I would like to admit :(

I originally started tweeting the names to see what kind of demand there was for good keyword names. True, most names are registered during the first few minutes and I have some regulars, but more than 30 different people have been able to grab the names I post. Domainers are a competitive crowd and part of the fun for many is the competition involved.

On my site, I state that most names are registered within minutes and at the bottom of each blog post, I recommend the following techniques to increase the chances of getting a name.

1. My e-mail subscribers typically get a minute or two head start before I tweet most names.

2. I recommend using a fast registrar (I like and having billing information pre-programmed or using a program like Roboform to speed things up.

I appreciate your suggestions, unfortunately staggering tweets wouldn’t be possible without multiple Twitter accounts and staggering e-mails isn’t something I can do with my current set up.

I do try to vary the times I post and will try to do some extra after hours posts for those for don’t have access at work. I also plan to announce some bonus names only for my e-mail subscribers and some names just for my Twitter followers.

Appreciate your comments and hope you decide to give it another chance if you see a domain you like.

Tia Wood 06.02.09 at 11:37 am

Erik, I understand your frustration but use the opportunity to figure out how to become more competitive. It’s not fair to ask domaintweeter to tweak their business plans to fit your availability. In business, especially the domain industry, you have to adapt and transform in order to compete…..or get left behind.

Ozie Jackson 06.02.09 at 5:42 pm

Erik, also remember there is more than one way to skin a cat. I also have missed registering a lot of the posted domain names, but seeing some of the names here gave me ideas about other possibilities that may be unregistered. I have been able to hand register some quality key word domains just from ideas generated from Domaintweeter’s posts. Like Tia said adapt and transform.

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