Handpicked available domains for Tuesday – one with $18.71 CPC.

April 27, 2010

Here are my handpicked available names for the day along with demand, CPC and some possible uses.   These names are all available as of 10:15PM and unlike pending drops, can be immediately registered with your favorite registrar for about $10.

1. DedicatedT1.net – $18.71 CPC.   Good for minisite or end user resale.   .Net extension is good match for an internet provider.

2. BostonCruises.org – 2400 searches per month.   Good name for minisite – can be monetized with combo of Adsense and affiliate revenue.  .Org names are typically well regarded by Google and can be useful for SEO and SEM purposes.

3. VideoGameRental.us – 5400 searches per month – $3.31 CPC.  Can be monetized with an affiliate program like this.

4. PregnancyVideos.org – 2900 searches per month.  Can be monetized using Amazon Astore or Smartshops.

5. ServerBackup.us – 3600 searches per month – $5.96 CPC.  533,000 results for this term.  Good minisite name.

6. ShortTermInsurance.info – $10.60 CPC – 3600 monthly searches.  Good for informational minisite.

7. SecuredCorporateCreditCard.com – low search volume, but $13.86 CPC.  Good for review site or possible end user resale.

8. RaleighNCapartments.com – 1600 monthly searches – $1.83 CPC.   Might be useful to set up a directory site and monetize with Adsense or charge for premium listings.

I’m also selling the following .info domains today.   All are priced at $49 (less than a drop catching service would charge) and are well suited for Adsense or affiliate use.

  • DebtLeads.info ($17.04 CPC)
  • WeatherRadios.info (10,000+ searches per month)
  • BackProblems.info (5,000+ searches per month)
  • AirlineCreditCards.info ($16.78 CPC) – Good for affiliate based comparison site.
  • FishingMagazines.info – Good for use with Magazines.com type affiliate program
  • HomeBasedOpportunities.info

Domains are are available for immediate push.  To purchase, be the first to contact me with ‘SOLD’ and the name of the domain.  Payment to be made via Paypal within 24 hours.

That’s it for today. If you are interested in receiving future available domains, you can subscribe to my free available domains e-mail newsletter here and follow me on Twitter at @DomainTweeter.

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John Armonk 04.30.10 at 9:28 am

This price is great as now a day adsense is great option to get revenue from the sit. But it is quite difficult to get it

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