Details and recommendations for submitting to’s 1/9/12 high exposure newsletter.

December 29, 2011

Update: Due to high volume, newsletter will now be sent out on Monday, January 9th, 2012. is accepting names for a special newsletter scheduled to go out on Monday January 9th, 2012. The newsletter will also be sent to DNForum and DomainState members, so it looks like a good way to get your name in front of a lot of fellow domainers.

Here are the details as well as a few recommendations…

  • They are accepting one domain per person and selecting a total of 100 names – all extensions welcome, but .COM recommended. It should go without saying (for the first three), but the submission page states ‘no typos, hacks, cyberquatting, or adult’.
  • Sales commission is 10% with 2 week exclusivity after the newsletter is delivered.
  • Domain sales handled by escrow (included in commission) via’s ECOP escrow service.


  • Since the submission page mentions ‘priced for domainers’, this is probably not the place to look for end user pricing.
  • The submission process uses’s (owned by automated appraisal process, so if you are trying to decide between a few different domains to submit, might be a good idea to run them all through since this may be used as a significant factor in domain selection.
  • As with any automated service, its algorithm may favor certain types of names (e.g. high CPC / search demand, etc.), so you might want to factor this into your selection decision.  For example, I haven’t decided on which name to submit yet, but am considering one which has a $7,100 valuation due to a $12+ CPC.
  • The submission page also has an optional short slogan or note – always a good idea to fill out to bring additional attention to the name and to list anything that makes it special.

Here’s the link for the submission form:

Best of luck on an early domain sale in 2012!

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Francois 12.29.11 at 2:26 pm

Thanks a lot in the name of your blogger collegues,

Francois 12.29.11 at 3:19 pm

Newsletter will be delivered January 9.
There is a lot of domains to filter and to prepare and we will be too short in time.
So it has been postoned 1 week.

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