Today’s minisite domains for sale

I’ve decided to sell the following three minisite quality domain names.
All three are with Moniker and are available for immediate push.  To buy, be the first one to DM/email me the domain name and the word ’sold’. Payment to be made within 24 hours by paypal.

If you would like to receive the available domain of the day and additional mini site domains for sale, you can subscribe here. ($350)

  • 5400 Google searches for ‘ethernet adapter’ in March
  • average CPC of $1.65
  • can also be used for minisite subdomain (
  • for ‘usb ethernet adapters’ (6600 searches per mo.)
  • 14,144 exact matchs for ‘ethernet adapter’ on Google Product search
  • examples: ($150) – SOLD

  • $2.87 CPC
  • average cost of product: $472 – $2916
  • ideal for minisite / affiliate use
  • 10,800,00 total / 15,400 exact matches on Google for ‘wireless tablet pc’
  • examples: ($75) – SOLD

  • exact match category .net for one of the most competitive industries on the Net
  • 880/searches per month
  • average CPC of $10.26
  • monetize with adsense or create a minisite and generate recurring income
  • by charging for advertising/featured listings
  • 343,000 total / 29,900 exact matches on Google for “loan consolidation companies”
  • examples:

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