Micropost – 3 Available minisite domains for hand registration (5/11/09)

May 11, 2009

Wanted to post the following three exact match .com keyword domains suitable for minisite development, affiliate or SEO use. All are available as of 10:30PM (EST) tonight.

I’ve checked demand and CPC for each domain using Google’s external keyword tool. Since each domain is an exact match keyword domain whose keywords have Adwords advertisers, they can be easily monetized with Adsense/affiliate programs or possibly resold to an end user.

1. GermanWineGlasses.com

$1.18 CPC with 480 exact match Google searches last month. Good for minisite development or affiliate use .Google shows  14,900 exact match results for ‘german wine glasses’ with numerous Adwords advertisers.

2. MobilePhonePackages.com

$7.15 CPC with 390 exact match Google searches last month. Exact match. High CPC good for a minisite.

3. TaxPlanningBooks.com

$3.82 Cost per click (CPC) with 480 exact match Google searches last month. Nice plural version – good for minisite development or end user resale.
Google shows over 3900 products for listed for ‘tax planning’.

That’s it for today. If you are interested in receiving future available minisite domains…

  • Subscribe here to receive advance e-mail notification of available names.
  • Follow me at @DomainTweeter.
  • Since many names I post receive simultaneous registrations, you may want to use a fast registrar and have your billing information pre-programmed. Or use a program like Roboform to fill in your information.

Update: I’m going to try mixing it up a little for the next week or two. Some days I may not post a domain, other days I’ll try to highlight a few different names and do a more detailed writeup of possible minisite concepts or end user sales possibilities.

I’m also going to start emailing some names exclusively to my mailing list subscribers and tweeting others just for my Twitter followers.

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admin 05.11.09 at 7:10 pm

MobilePhonePackages.com, GermanWineGlasses.com registered – Congratulations to @brucemarler @teendomainer.

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