Handpicked available names – several with 5,000+ monthly searches

April 22, 2010

Here are my handpicked available names for the day along with demand, CPC and some possible uses.   These names are all available as 2:55PM and can be immediately registered with your favorite registrar for about $10.   If you find this post useful, please consider retweeting it or signing up to my domain newsletter.

1. BirthdayDecorations.org – 14,800 monthly searches – nice fit for the .org extension

2. ComputerOfficeChair.com – 590 monthly searches, $5.06 CPC.

3. LaserSurgeryUK.com – limited keyword data for this one, however laser eye surgery uk has an estimated CPC of $12.28.   Create a directory and monetize with Adsense / direct ads or sell to end user.

4. SkylinePoster.com – 480 monthly searches, $1.72 CPC.   Allposters has over 6000 of these and an affiliate program.

5. LaserSurgeryRisks.com – Wouldn’t expect much type-in traffic on this one, but could be good for a development project (e.g. explain major risks of different laser surgeries and monetize with adsense or possibly lead gen).

6. BurlingtonNJ.net – (GEO) 14,800 monthly searches for Burlington, NJ.

7. BlankDiscs.net – 2400 monthly searches, $1.51 CPC.   Might be a good match for using a free turnkey ecommerce platform like SmartShops.

8. HandheldScanners.org – 1900 monthly searches, $4.04 CPC.   Another good candidate for SmartShops.

9. BaseboardHeaters.org – 8100 monthly searches, $2.15 CPC.  Another good candidate for SmartShops.

10. TanningBooths.org – 3,600 monthly searches, $2.94 CPC.  Not sure how many people still using these, but good for SEO purposes or end user resale.

Tip: Since many names I post receive simultaneous registrations, you may want to use a fast registrar and have your billing information pre-programmed. Or use a program like Roboform to fill in your information.

I’m also selling the following names today…

  • Borgotaro.com ($395) [GEO]
  • DiscountCruiseTrips.com ($195)
  • DiskRecoveryServices.com ($295) [$18.24 CPC – good for directory or mini site]
  • HomeTeethWhiteningKits.com ($295)
  • PopupRemovers.com ($395)
  • ReduceJunkmail.com ($995) [can be developed into a junkmail stopping comparison site/blog. Several affiliate programs – example]

Domains are with Moniker and are available for immediate push.  To purchase, be the first to contact me with ‘SOLD’ and the name of the domain.  Payment to be made via Paypal within 24 hours.

That’s it for today. If you are interested in receiving future available domains, you can subscribe to my free available domains e-mail newsletter here and follow me on Twitter at @DomainTweeter.

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