Hand picked exact match names available for hand registration – high CPC / volume

July 5, 2012

Had a few extra minutes this morning and wanted to post an assortment of exact match generic keyword domains which are currently available for hand registration. No theme today, mostly .com domains – with a mixture of high CPC or high volume domains in a few alternate extensions.

  • manageddedicatedserverhosting.net
  • taxfreemunicipalbonds.net
  • velcrostraps.net
  • firemanhalloweencostume.com
  • hostingcomparison.org
  • buysettlements.org
  • creditcardcompanies.biz
  • architectsnj.com
  • audiovideodesignsoftware.com
  • englewoodmotels.com
  • atlantacarloan.com
  • onlinecriminaljusticecertficate.com
  • onlinebsprograms.com
  • creditcheckmonitoringservice.com
  • condominuminsurancequotes.com
  • arizonmortgageleads.com

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10 minute update: The following names have been taken as of 11:15am:


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