For sale today:  is the authority domain (exact match keyword domain) for ‘Image Backup Software’ a commonly searched term with many current Adwords advertisers.  It is ideal for funneling targeted traffic to an existing web site or generating revenue by parking, development or end user resale.

How can owning help your business?

1. Improve your search engine rankings. Google’s search algorithms are top-secret, but it is widely accepted that they favor authority domains.  Time and time again sites with exact .com keyword matches rank higher than other sites.  Why?  Because authority domains are often used by established industry leaders whose sites are more relevant.  Also, authority domains get linked to more often and links containing exact keywords are more valued by Google.

2. Make it more affordable to advertise on Google. If you are advertising on Adwords, exact match keyword domains can boost your click through rate and reduce your expenses.  They are clicked more because they appear to be more relevant (whether they are or not) and they stand out more, since Google automatically bolds searchwords wherever they appear in an ad.

3. Best of all, exact match keyword domains bring free type-in traffic from visitors who use the URL bar instead of a search box.  This traffic can convert as well as organic search traffic, but is absolutely free and completely independent of search engine rankings.

Whichever business purchases this name will have a natural edge competing in the this market. Purchase it today before one of your competitors does!

This name is being sold today only via a live no-reserve auction ending March 24th and 3:00PM . Since there is no reserve, this name will be sold and will most likely never be available again.

Auction details: The auction is being administered by, the largest domain aftermarket on the Internet.    Starting bid is set at $2.

Click here to view the listing for

For information on this name,  including expert valuations, you way want to visit this page.

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