5 Available Domains and why I like them – 6/17/09

June 17, 2009

Just got back from a week off and thought I would post a quick summary of some available names I came across today…

1. ComputerKeyboardCovers.com

This generic term gets 590 exact Google searches per month with a surprisingly high CPC of $5.12.   Would be good for a minisite or end user sale to the right company.  Product examples.

2. SmallBusinessDocumentManagement.com

This is a LONG domain, but the term has a Google Adwords CPC of $16.63 and 260 exact match monthly searches.    Not a bad choice for a mini site – could pay for itself with just a few clicks a year.   Also has possibilities for end user resale.

3. NarrowcastingSoftware.com

Metrics are OK ($4.05 CPC / 170 monthly searches) , but may improve if narrowcasting trend takes off.  View adwords advertisers for this term.

4. RacquetballGloves.net

With $11.11 CPC, this could be a nice ecommerce enabled minisiteProduct examples.

5. TelephoneServices.us

Metrics are good ($6.92 CPC / 5400 monthly searches) and noticed that just about every other extension (com/net/org/info/mobi/biz/uk/cn) has been taken.   Might make an interesting blog or minisite comparing different phone services (e.g. mobile, VOIP, skype, etc.) available in the US.

That’s it for today. Most names posted go within minutes.  If you are interested in receiving future available minisite domains…

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  • Follow me at @DomainTweeter.
  • Since many names I post receive simultaneous registrations, you may want to use a fast registrar and have your billing information pre-programmed. Or use a program like Roboform to fill in your information.

Update: I’m going to try mixing it up a little for the next week or two. Some days I may not post a domain, other days I’ll try to highlight a few different names and do a more detailed writeup of possible minisite concepts or end user sales possibilities.

I’m also going to start emailing some names exclusively to my mailing list subscribers and tweeting others just for my Twitter followers.

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admin 06.17.09 at 8:09 pm

Update: All 5 domains have been registered.

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