10 Available domains and why I like them – 8/19/09

August 19, 2009

Here are some available names I came across today and why I like them.  All are available for registration as of 3:30 EST today.

1. VirtualHostingReseller.com

$15.28 Cost per click (CPC) with 480 monthly exact Google searches.  Nice name for starting a virtual hosting business.   Or for creating a minisite reviewing virtual hosting resellers.  Just a few clicks a year should cover reg fees.

2. MultifunctionInkjet.com

$5.68 CPC with 590 monthly Google searches.   Google shopping shows 2,466 different product matches for this exact term.

3. HomeSpyCamera.com

$3.99 CPC with 320 monthly Google searches and 3,980,000 Google results.

4. RoseQuartzEarrings.com

1000 searches per month and over 450 products listed on Google shopping.   Might be good for a mini storefront using a service like Devhub, Amazon aStore or PHPBay.

5. AdhesivePhotoPaper.com

$3.01 CPC with 720 Google searches per month.   Google products show 82 different matches for ‘adhesive photo paper‘.   Good for ministorefront.

6. CockroachTraps.com

$1.51 CPC with 720 Google searches per month and 35,500 Google results.   Good for minisite or end user resale.

7. BehavioralPsychologists.com

$1.03 CPC with 260 Google searches per month.   Not sure about this one, but liked the sound of the name.    Possible uses include a directory (with sponsored listings) or a minisite monetized by affiliate revenue from a professional advice site like LivePerson.

8. UnsecuredStudentLoans.net -$18.65 CPC with 880 monthly Google searches.

9. RentalApartments.us – $1.85 CPC with 22,200 monthly Google searches.

10. OrlandoHouses.us – $2.86 CPC with 22,200 monthly Google searches.

That’s it for today.  Most names posted go within minutes.  If you are interested in receiving future available minisite domains…

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  • Follow me at @DomainTweeter.
  • Since many names I post receive simultaneous registrations, you may want to use a fast registrar and have your billing information pre-programmed. Or use a program like Roboform to fill in your information.

I’m also going to start emailing some names exclusively to my mailing list subscribers and tweeting others just for my Twitter followers.

As always, any feedback / comments are much appreciated.

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admin 08.19.09 at 12:10 pm

Update: Looks like 7 out of the 8 com/net names were registered
in the first half hour. The following still appear to be available:


admin 08.19.09 at 12:13 pm

Update: All 10 domains have been registered.

mike 08.19.09 at 5:43 pm

amazing the BEHAVIORALPSYCHOLOGISTS.COM was not taken before this?? i woulda like to add that :(

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